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A centuries-long stalemate 
endures over possession of a sentient 
world. In one corner stands a cabal of 
shamans; in the other, a colony of
 aliens whose bio-engineering
 experiment has gone amok…

And in 
the middle, a youth who has been 
genetically altered to ‘Shape’ the
 elemental powers.

The stalemate is about to break…

Book Two coming in 2025!

Coming in 2024

The Mocker rides at dusk…

   When Jo inherits her uncle’s horse farm in Scotland, it seems a dream come true. Caro, her grandmother, believes in dreams, and moves with Jo to the borderlands. Both have reasons to uproot their lives on the reservation. Both are searching for answers within the cultural tangles of their past. 

   That past will catch them up in ways they never would have guessed, as ancient & fearsome legends stalk their new home.

Coming in late 2025

The stalemate has broken. Invasion has begun.

   Sacred ways and near-extinct blood-powers are proving scant help against the incursions of the alien Chepiś. Arrows, stolen weaponry, and clandestine retaliation are what keeps duskLands territories free.

   Or so Anahli believes, until she saves a midLands refugee who has escaped with a long-lost—and controversial—artefact. Its very presence could set tribe against tribe—a ancillary battle Anahli’s People can ill afford to fight.

   Unless she can find the outcast whose Changed blood can, perhaps, untangle the artefact’s long-forgotten secrets…

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Talulah J. Sullivan

Talulah J. Sullivan

has been a pro equestrian, a dancer, an actor, an activist, and a teacher who has learned as much from her two- and four-legged students as she’s ever shared with them… yet she’s never managed to not be a storyteller. Ever.

Blood Indigo is the first (but not the last!) of her novels seeking to weave a ‘tale basket’ in the proud example of her Choctaw and Chickasaw grandmothers. She is a member of the Historical Novel Society, the Author’s Guild, & the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association. As J Tullos Hennig, she was awarded the Speculative Literature Foundation’s juried Older Writers Grant in 2018, and wrote the award-winning historical fantasy series The Books of the Wode, in which Robin Hood is reimagined as a queer, chaotic-neutral druid.

No matter the name, her works reflect literary worlds old and new, cultures both fantastic and familiar, and promise readers an immersive, subversive experience.

Kindly check out another name, world, & series:

With its unique take on the Robin Hood legends, this historical series sets Robin the outlaw archer as a queer, chaotic-neutral Druid, Marion as Pagan queen who is sister but not wife, and their consort a Christian – and thusly conflicted – nobleman.